AnnSuiAnna Sui’s Favorite Things:
Favorite Rock Personalities: Keith Richards, Johnny Thunders, Jack White, Jimmy Page, Bob Dylan
Favorite Current band: Black Keys, Dillon, The Cults, The Like, Best Coast, Dom
Favorite Cities: NYC, London, Beijing
Favorite Movie Stars: Louis Garrel, Gary Cooper, Peter O’Toole, Pierre Clemente, Michael York
Favorite Fashion designers: Ossie Clark , Emilio Pucci, Paul Poiret, Zandra Rhodes
Favorite Illustrators: Walter and Naiad Einsel, John Alcorn, Anne Marie Barden, Antonio Lopez, Kenneth
Paul Block, David Weidman
Favorite Activities: Flea markets, Shopping, Seeing bands, Watching movies, Visiting museums
Favorite Photographers: Steven Meisel, David Bailey, Cecil Beaton, Sarah Moon, Mick Rock, Jim Marshall
Favorite Artists: George LePape, Christian Berard, Aubrey Beardsley, John William Waterhouse, Edward
Favorite Cosmetics: Anna Sui Lip Rouge in #400, Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color in #400, Anna Sui Liquid Eye
Liner in #001
Favorite Perfumes: Secret Wish, Nahema by Guerlain, Fracas by Robert Piquet
Favorite Style Icons: Duchess of Windsor, Anita Pallenberg, Marisa Berenson, Lou Lou de la Falaise, Sally
Bowles, Jane Forth, Minnie Mouse, Anna May Wong, Donna Jordan, Elizabeth Taylor
Favorite Films: Anything by Max Ophuls, Anything by Jean Renoir, Anything by Michael Powell and Emeric
Pressburger, Darling (Dir. John Schlesinger), Far from the Madding Crown ( Dir. John Schlesinger), XY and
Zee (Dir. Brian G. Hutton)
Favorite Warhol Superstars: Jane Holzer, Donna Jordan, Joe D’Alessandro
Favorite Eccentrics: Marchesa Casati, Helena Rubenstein, The Sitwells, Lady Ottoline Morrell, Rose
Cummings, Madeleine Castaing
Favorite Museums: Neue Gallery (NYC), The Met (NYC), Victoria and Albert Museum (London), Museum of
Applied Arts (Budapest)
Favorite Books: Le Morte D’ Arthur – Sir Thomas Malory, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – CS Lewis,The
Golden Compass – Philip Pullman, Wild Asses’ Skin – Honoré Balzac
Favorite Interior Designers: David Hicks, Madeleine Castaing, Rose Cummings, Tony Duquette>> Back to Many Faces