Betty-Cmy parents came to the us from the canton (quandong) province before the communists took over the country. while my parents and grandfathers all owned laundries in the us, i was the first one to be born here, and the first one to finish college and graduate school.

thanks to the chinese work ethic and the importance of education that my parents instilled in me, I have been allowed to make the most of the american educational system. i was born in nyc and grew up in the bronx, and attended the nyc public schools, which provided me with a very good educational foundation.

I have had a varied career, and have worked as a nurse, a public health professional and currently a university adjunct lecturer. I am currently also the director of the public health expertise network of mentors (PHENOM) online mentoring program ( with 65 volunteer public health professionals from across the us and 3 countries. PHENOM has been in existence for over 20 years. I maintain a web site and have a page devoted to chinese culture ( it also provideS credible health and public health information to the public, and i also tweet (@bettycjung)

I have been awarded the southern connecticut state university’s alumni appreciation award and its school of health and human services outstanding alumna award; and columbia university school of nursing’s distinguished alumni award.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my mom and dad for making the difficult decision of leaving everything and everyone they knew in china to come to the us to start a new life. their courage to do this, despite not knowing the language or the u.s., WITH ONLY A SIXTH GRADE EDUCATION, inspires me every day to live up to the hopes and dreams they had for me and my siblings.

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