Christopher-TehMy most relevant story regarding the United States began when I was 12 years old in 2003. At the time, a lot of America bashing was taking place in my country due to the invasion of Iraq by former president George Bush and I had adopted quite an anti-American attitude due to association with my peers in high school. My mother decided to take me on a roadtrip of the United States to show me how wrong I was to judge without knowing. We travelled from the East Coast starting at New York and New Jersey and ended our journey at Los Angeles in California, making four day stops in Virginia, Washington DC, Arizona, San Diego along the way. From my experiences on this trip, I gained a profound appreciation for the United States, the morals it was founded on and the sacrifices it had made for the betterment of foreign parts of the world. It inspired me to strive for an American higher education which I successfully achieved upon graduating Skidmore College in 2013, a decade after the mentioned roadtrip. During my time as an American college student, I experienced an intense culture shock in many aspects, from the heavy employment of sarcasm in speech down to the simple act of closing a menu in order to signal you are ready to order your meal. It was an education in the most complete description of the word, a story I’m most likely to never forget.>> Back to Many Faces