When Toy Len Goon immigrated to Portland, Maine to join her husband in 1921, she spoke no English. After her husband’s death, Goon took over their laundry business and raised eight children. In 1952, the American Mothers Committee awarded Goon “American Mother of the Year,” calling her success a tribute to the “saga of democracy.” She was honored with a parade in New York’s Chinatown and invited to visit the White House where she met First Lady Bess Truman. Here she is pictured with her children and the ambassador from the Republic of China, V. K. Wellington Koo.

<strong><em>Toy Len Goon in Washington D.C.</em></strong><strong>, 1952. Collections of Maine Historical Society, 2007.356.001.</strong>

Toy Len Goon in Washington D.C., 1952. Collections of Maine Historical Society, 2007.356.001.