Fay-Chee-SetoI was the first U.S. born daughter of 57 year old Kai Yip Seto. He had two chinese wives living in his Ancestral village of Chaoyang Li, Kaiping, Guangdong. also a daughter and an adopted son. He first arrived in the u.s. in 1909, as a ‘paper son’ using the name of ‘wing gue lew’. He met My 26 year old African American mother, Mary Gillespie, in harlem NY. he worked all his life managing chinese restaurants. Mom was the daughter of a Buffalo Soldier in the 9th and 10th Black Cavalry(army). He was stationed at West Point Military Academy, NY, where she was born. after high school she moved to harlem (1946) to pursue a career in show business. She took dance lessons with Eartha Kitt at Katherine Dunham’s school. I was born in 1950, a year later my brother Lew was born. A year after that, dad died of stomach cancer at the age of 59. Less than a year later, Our apartment at 20 La Salle Street was demolished and we were forced to move to NJ. We grew up black and never knew anything about our Chinese side until I972 when I started my genealogy research. Two years ago (2010), with the help from members of the Siyi genealogy website, we discovered we had chinese family living in tennessee, oklahoma and california. Since we cannot speak,read or write chinese, they came to our aid and made contact with our village in chaoyang and our families in the u.s. in 1978 we were told that dad had a sister who owned the golden crown restaurant at 20 e. broadway, nyc, but cannot verify it since she has passed away. We may never connect with her descendents but at least we have the others. Thanks to the Siyi members, I learned to do ching ming for dad who is buried at the evergreens cemetery in brooklyn, ny. this gives me great pleasure. I would like to visit china one day too. I am a pathologist and practice medicine in new jersey. My american name is linda.

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