Gan-hong-age-10Gan Hong Ng was born in China in 1910. His first visit to America was in 1920 at the age of 10 on
Jul 3, 1920 on the SS Charlotte & Monteagle as a Merchant’s, and lived according to “State
Immigration Officer at Port of Arrival” at 280 Straight St Paterson, NJ.
There was a Ng Fook Gee, who was heading to Summit, NJ, we guess he may have accompanied Gan Hong across the country by train.
He came to America to stay with his father Shuck Hong NG (But this was actually his grandfather).
According to the U.S. Dept of Labor Immigration services papers indicated that he went to
PS 15 in Paterson, NJ and was in the 6th grade with Ms. Burk. Gan applied for readmission in 1924
as a student, when he was returning to China to visit his sick mother. He returned a year later
to the U.S.
He made several trips back and forth to china, at the age of 15 on Jan 11, 1926 on the SS Pres. McKinley. then Residing in 322 Market St, Paterson, NJ with his grandfather Shuck Hong NG.

his point of entry has always been in Seattle Washington via Vancouver, BC and ending up in Paterson, NJ as a laborer.

He also lived at the Laundry that his grandfather owned at 280 Straight St Paterson, NJ. and at age 15 he lived at 322 Market St. (according to Immg service papers; it states his (grand)father worked for Yot Yuen Co as a merchant at this 326 Market St-(maybe this is his work address)Paterson. NJ. He return back to American on the SS Cleveland at the age of 23 on July 10, 1933 as a Laborer/Laundry Worker resided at Wah Yuen Co 422 8th Ave Seattle, Washington. (was this his resident, place of work, brokerage house or an association?).
By then, he was married to Sui Mei Yee Ng and adopted a son, my fahter, Jin Sang Chin (paper name).

Gan Hong Ng was a visiting/returning laborer with a permit (form 432), not a returning citizen (form
430), nor a returning Teacher/merchant/professional (form 431).lehe this he leaves his wife and child in china and never return to china again.

In the 1940 he worked at Port Arthur Rest in Paterson, NJ.

In 1955, He lived at Livingston St,in NYC with his wife, Kay and daughter Deelores Eng.

After his divorce in 1965?, he lived in a residence on W. 42nd St, NYC, which was what was considered
the red light district, full of drug dealers and prostitutes. He lived there with 2 other men (this
was common then, waiters living together), he eventually outlived both.

In 1968 we moved to 407 Main St Paterson, we brought my paternal grandmother, his wife, Sui Mee Yee Ng from China to live with us.
Grandpa Ng would come and stay with us occasionally, but we also knew he loved to visit his daughter Deelores Eng in Pennsylvania.

Grandpa died in December 1985, it is unfortunate I did not know of his life before us. I never knew why he spoke perfect English. Now I know why, he went to public grade school.
I would have wanted to know what it was like to leave his home and family in China to come to America at 10 years old. And what life was for a little chinese boy going to school in Paterson, NJ. I am almost positive he was the only Chinese person.
My grandfather never became rich, he just worked hard his whole life like many other immigrants before and after him.
I will be forever grateful for his bravery to come to America at 10. He is a hero in my book.

Suzanne Chin Eng

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