HenryChu-350This is my great uncle Henry. He left china in the late 1920s after his first wife died, and left his young daughter with his brother to raise with his family, which included my father. Henry came as an illegal immigrant to America to seek out his father, who had come to work on the railroads. He never found him but settled in NYC, married again, and gained citizenship. that paved the way for my grandparents to emigrate in 1956. Later my family and my uncle’s family moved here in the 1960s when immigration laws were relaxed.

henry had a wet wash business in LIC, where chinese laundries would bring their customers clothes to be cleaned. He died in 1958 and sadly never saw his eldest daughter again. With help from Henry’s second wife, Her family moved to NYC from Brazil in the 1980s, reuniting the two branches of our extended family.

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