©KEN SHUNG My story is one of growing up with a father that tried his best to assimilate into american culture but was a living CONTRADICTION in his personal life.
Coming to america as a paper son at the age of 12 and spending his time in the back of an uncles chinese laundry in buffalo new york away from his family in china were the beginnings of My Fathers life in america. The movies were such a big impression on a young man in america that my father sought escape and identity in the images and stories of the American cowboy and hollywood. Up until his arranged marriage to my young mother in china, he spend his youth living in los angeles living the life as an extra in movies and living the life he saw in hollywood movies as a child. this photograph of me as a young child is how he dressed me up as a reflection of himself as a young boy showing his admiration for his own cowboy childhood actors that he saw the big screen.

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