Leong-YingNuclear physicist with profound discoveries that will bring a renaissance in science based around a “yin-yang” twin universe existence that explains many of the cosmic unknowns such as dark energy, dark matter, missing antimatter and quantum entanglement. an ironman triathlete and marathoner who has run across all 7 continents including along the great wall of china.excerpts from his poetic memoirs “from newton, einstein to god” provides an insight into his chinese heritage:My life began in Singapore, a colonial enclave of the British Empire.
Tropical land of heat that makes even the mad English dogs perspire.
From the birth canal of a native mother of Chinese Fujian ancestry.
And a father who sailed out from Ningbo to serve on-board her Majesty.
A child knows not of poorness when playing in monsoon waters.
Mindless of adult pains and careless of natural dangers.
Even my entry upon this earth is marked by confusing farce.
Stabbed at Kandang Kerbau hospital by the delivery staff.
The heavens chimed me in before midnight the twenty-six of December.
But it is three minutes into the next day before my birth is registered.

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