Lisa-DareI am an artist, scholar, curator and filmmaker. I was the first person allowed to major in film at the university of California, Berkeley, and graduated phi Beta Kappa, Highest honors. While in the American studies doctoral program at the university of Pennsylvania I wrote a pioneering study of asian american independent film, which I presented to the American anthropological society. I made work that combined art & scholarship before it became a trend; I showed a Cinematic fine arts ethnographic photoessay to the society for Visual Anthropology. I exhibited other photography at national juried competitions and through Asian American Women Artists, of which I was a charter member. MY Curatorial work appeared at UC Davis’ design Gallery and at the Academy of motion Picture Arts and sciences. After graduate school, I became involved with independent film, and then
joined the mainstream film industry. My first job on a studio feature was on wayne Wang’s the joy luck club. I developed my own business making artful photographs of film and television sets for set decorators and production designers-
I photographed over 40 shows. I currently work in post production as an assistant editor and editor. My film studies background serve me well as an editor; I am adept at cutting narrative.
The irony of my life is all of these activities were forbidden; i had opposition from my family on top of broader social resistance to my inclusion and my dreams.
As an infant I was abandoned by my parents DUE TO MY GENDER AND OTHER CULTURAL REASONS. my mother was an immigrant from a feudal cantonese village; my father was a 3rd generation californian but his early upbringing was very traditional–in San Francisco chinatown, he was taught to literally kowtow to his ancestors. While I have benefited from some aspects of chinese culture–Value placed on education and excellence, a fascination with dreams and a focus on inner life which serve my work in art in film–it has also been very damaging. Fortunately I have a loving caucasian foster family, supportive friends and colleagues. It has been a long, hard struggle, but i have developed a life that is centered and happy as well as “Successful.” I am grateful to be an american, and to pursue western goals of individualism, personal freedom, self realization, equality, free speech and wellness.>> Back to Many Faces