Margaret-LuMy name is Margaret Lu. I was born in Shanghai on the eve of the Communist take-over of the city. Under the influence and tutorage of my grandmother, a unusually well-versed woman with half bound feet because of her rather progressive minded father and whose biggest regret was to have lived through the New Culture Revolution without benefiting from formal schooling, and my missionary college educated parents who were passionate book lovers, I formed a goal very early on in my life to read as many books as I could, have a good college education and learn all about the world and different people. Ironically, I only had 10th grade education and the Cultural Revolution broke out. My parents’ book collection was burnt; I started my informative years working as a farm hand in a remote village followed by driving an over-head crane in a steel mill. I did not stop reading, a miraculously survived handful of books, but only under the risk of persecution. The goal of my life was lost, until a miracle happened
in1981; I got permission to study in Seattle, USA. To be practical, I took a community college degree and worked as a registered ultrasonagrapher, but as soon as I was financially capable, I finished my bachelor’s degree at University of Washington, and obtained a JD degree thereafter.I was an equity partner of Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP practicing litigation, corporate and international business laws in its Seattle, Shanghai and New York office. I represented many Fortune 100 companies, was a frequent speaker at US and international conference and seminars, and served on the boards of Asian Counseling and Referral Services and University Washington Press.

I am happily retired now, reading and learning about new things and people every day. However, all of what I have accomplished and enjoyed continuously were made possible only by coming to this great country. I am deeply grateful.

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