Dad+WW2+Pic350My Father and mother came to this country to find Freedom, opportunity and sustenance. leaving a place in China where there was little opportunity then, at the time in the 1940’s an 1950’s. They came to America with Little formal education, but worked hard to provide for their Children, of whom I am one of Three. My parents worked in what could be described as typical for Chinese Immigrants who came to america. My father was a restauranteur and my mother worked in an Hand wash Laundry and as a garment seamstress. My father prior to establishing his work life also served in the US Army during WW2, to which, as his son, I am proud to know. It was difficult to make money and they initially lacked the knowledge needed to know the ways of the world in America. Yet they were able to save and made it happen for themselves and more importantly for their children. My Two sisters and I went on the become college graduates. My sisters found careers in the hospital administration professions and i became a career police officer. we view our helping professions as a way that enabled us to pay it forward on behalf of our parents. As we are parents today ourselves, we hope to pass onto the next generation (our Children) and instill those virtues and values of what it means to be an American. We are eternally indebted to America and as a family support the ever lasting continuance of american dream. May god bless america and its safe and prosperous future!

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