1891124_446287718835737_1992356038_nMy family immigrated to Queens, NYC in 1986. we were a part of the wave that came during the reaganomics era with the beliefs of american idealism of opportunity. our story is one that also holds multiple waves of migration within the context of various push/pull factors on the american and international scope. my paternal grandfather had fled china to taiwan during the revolution and a generation later my father decides to move his family to america. This journey would be one that entailed periods where our nuclear family were separated and sacrifices were made in order for all of us to MANEUVER and settle here. As for my identity, It has been greatly impacted by experiences growing up as an Asian immigrant in NYC attending public schools, being undocumented and RAISED by a single mother. I was always very keen to the points of race, class and gender and viewing those concepts from an inside/outside perspective. being aware of many of these issues and having a desire to learn more about them really lead me to become the person I am today. I currently work for a pan-asian advocacy organization where I organize low-income immigrant families, lead coalitions and advocate with policy makers. I also lecture in asian american studies at CUNY and serve on a city-wide Education Council in NYC. The values and principles that drive me is invested to better serve my community. Now that I am also a parent, I am more conscious on what I want to leave behind for future generations.>> Back to Many Faces