MeltyLadyArtExploBeing Middle class, american -chinese or CHINESE- AMERICAN -sometimes confusing to others but not to most ABC (american born chinese) we are taught to be loyal in our comprehension of basic chinese which i painfully reguard is a gift and yet a surprise full ofjoy i encounter often. I made friends with subway Erhu players, musicians and artists, waiters, social workers, students, senirors etc.all because through my youth, i struggled with my parents mother tongue. I even landed arts jobs because i was warned by my parents at an early age to master some Chinese.
at times now- My artwork is even centered around scholarly chinese idioms with an anachronistic sensibilty when i present my abstracted art- see my “Melty tang Lady explosion’ graphic design made from a clay terra cotta sculpture i created.Please enjoy my Chinese yet mostly american Modern works and catch my videos too

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