Park-Jing-WongPARK JING WONG lived between APRIL 26, 1934 and July 14, 2014. He was born and raised IN a village of TAISHAN, A CITY IN THE SOUTHERN GUANGDONG PROVINCE IN THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA. HE WAS THE FIRSTBORN OF THREE. HE EMIGRATED TO NEW YORK CITY IN 1956. He is survived by two sons and a wife. Mr. Wong was A HUSBAND OF 48 YEARS, ENTREPRENUER-SPIRITED AND AN ATHLETE.Mr. Wong’s life evolved from being raised in rural China in the 1940s during the Japanese Invasion followed by China’s Civil War. Like many Chinese immigrants in his time, he faced many challenges transitioning to a new culture. Life in a village with no running water or electricity during post-WWII is a stark contrast to today’s consumer culture. ALTHOUGH he wasn’t much of a scholar, he was witty and used his street marts to navigate the world. He was a champion of sports and a practitioner of Tai Chi. He taught himself conversational English and math. He read books if they were available in Chinese. He owned and operated a Chinese take-out restaurant in the Bronx for over 20 years as a family business.

Mr. Wong represents a milestone in producing a first generation of Chinese-Americans that would face the challenges in bridging the cultural gap. The accompanied photo is from his first US passport.

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