Renouard-GeeMy stoic & PROUD FATHER, david (Sep Yeul) Gee, came to America in 1929 from Taishan, Guangdong. Due to the Exclusion Act, many Chinese in those days came to the U.s. as a “paper Son”. My Father’s first step on u.s.soil was through Angel Island as a “Paper Son” and His New Paper name was Bing Wah Hom. Due to Harsh SCRUTINY by the authorities of Angel Island, He was detained for almost a year; when the average stay there was a few months. His case went through A circuit of U.S. Courts and He was finally given permission to enter America to make a new and better life for himself and his future Family. MY FATHER MARRied THERESA LOUIE FROM SAN FRANCISCO AND MOVed TO HOUSTON, TEXAS to Find his American Dream. IN HOUSTON, HE OPENed and OWNed HIS OWN GROCERY STORE Business and RAISEd A FAMILY OF three sons and a daughter.

Ashamed and Embarrassed, My father never mentioned his Early plight to the Family. I learned about his Difficult journey through Immigration station at Angel Island by Performing in a dance piece called “transparent Hinges” by N.y. CHOREOGRAPHER, H.T. Chen. I got to visit Angel Island and see the harsh conditions my dad endured. I also saw, first hand, the lonely writings etched into the walls by Detained Chinese IMMIGRANTS. In 1961, my Dad became a naturalized U.S. citizen and regained his real name and IDENTITY. Because of his Strength, PERSEVERANCE, & hard work, I am able to live my American Dream today in New York City.

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