8902a2350Wong Ying Ack was born to Wong Shen Kit(father) and Lee Shee (mother) in 1864 at Los Angeles, California. He left for China in 1881 on the steamship Oceanic. He returned on the steamship Belgic, and arrived in San Francisco on October 4, 1889. The Collector of the Port of San Francisco refused permission for his landing. Wong Ah Fook petitioned for a Writ of Habeas Corpus on October 11, 1889. A bond was posted. Ward McAllister, Jr., Special Referee and Examiner, recommended Discharge on December 17, 1889. Detainee was represented by Lyman Mowry. On December 17, 1889, an Order of Discharge allowed him to remain in the country. You can view copies of his records at http://www.frederickbee.com/8902.html.

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