YouXianFengDr. Feng, You-xian was originally from Shanghai where he studied at the Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University in 1964, there, he became Assistant Resident Surgeon and later Chief Resident Surgeon in 1952. In 1963 with hard work, determination and ambition for excellence, he held the position of Chief General and Vascular Surgeon in Zhong Shan Hospital. In 1982, he pioneered an unprecedented medical invention- the vascular prostheses made of delicate silk. His invention was such a breakthrough that he was the subject of many medical journals and of the National Geographic Magazine in the 1980s. By this time, he and his wife Jane Feng moved to San Francisco and became residents of the United States. His career thrived as his medical invention became widely respected among vascular surgeons internationally. Throughout the 1980s, he took up professorships in University of Massachusetts Medical School and Loma Linda University School of Medicine in California.>> Back to Many Faces